Monday, March 11, 2013

Shivin' It Up

Hm, what did I last blog about? Vacations? Well, those are a distant memory!!! Man. Mega work gettin done around here on all fronts! Let's put it this way: I NEVER EVER get sick, but I got sick. My fault. I didn't stop when I felt something coming on; I just kept going. It's all good. I was able to work through it for the most part.

It can be tricky navigating sickness and training though. You often hear, "Should I train when I'm sick; how sick is too sick to train, etc?" Personally, there were several days where I felt like total @$$ so I scaled back the intensity, but overall I still did as much as I could. Altogether, I maybe only bailed on one workout I think? The rest still got done. It's O-side crunch time baby! It was a good test to see how much I can push through, when I need to step back/go easy, and, ultimately, how quickly I can bounce back!

There was one thing that motivated me to keep going even when I didn't feel my best:
The Shiv.

Mmmm, that's nice. The new ride is still a work in progress with the fit and some other tweaks, but the bottom line is that it rides well and feels like buttah.... The data indicated that the bike is doing me well too :)

The first-ever ride on the Shiv was a Sunday. I did a t-run after and felt AMAZING. This bike is built for tri. Hell, even though I was still technically "sick" that day it was a solid workout. Not to mention, I was so pumped on the ride and the day in general that I even went for a surf that evening with family and friends.
Did I mention that surfing is my therapy??

A few other recent pics that make me happy....

An evening with girl friends who go waaay back. So special.

Having an awesome vegan friend make you lunch (in fact, that lovely blonde
pictured above is that vegan girl whom I love).

Discovering a different variety of Brussels sprouts at a new farmer's market.
A creative changing tent while on location(s) for a
modeling shoot!

Last but not least: Having a special athlete who I coach finish her first triathlon
like a total stud. By special, I mean there is a story behind this one...


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