Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Video of My Metabolic Efficiency Test & Analyzing Results

I mentioned that while I was in Colorado, I did a metabolic efficiency test on the treadmill. We just posted the video today that goes over everything including my test results!

A huge thanks to Dina Griffin of Fuel4mance for making this happen, it was a "blast" -- if you're into that kind of thing lol ;) But for real, regardless of the altitude, I enjoyed this process thoroughly and love geeking out on the data with experts like Dina (she's smart, folks)! If you're not familiar with this kind of testing, watch and learn because we go over it all -- what metabolic efficiency means, fat vs. carb burning, the test protocol, watching the test in action, analyzing the results, looking at the graphs and charts, and more! We even use examples from other athletes, in addition to my own results.... ya, you get to know how my metabolism is currently operating and find out what kind of fat burner vs. carb burner I am!

Also a huge thanks to John for the video work, and Lucho for moral support (they both sat around in Kompetitive Edge all morning on Saturday while I did this ordeal, troopers).

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