Friday, February 21, 2014

Video: Chef Biju Thomas Builds The Perfect Plate of Food

While I was in Colorado, I mentioned our dinner with Biju was a big priority. While we were there, I captured him in his element demonstrating how to build a killer plate of food, the Biju way. The food you see was fresh, prepared by him, guessed it...made from scratch! (On another note, I just gotta say that I can never spell scratch the right way anymore, my brain and fingers always wants to spell it skratch... thanks a lot guys, lol).

Biju #ftw:

If you were to ask for the recipes and specific dishes, I sadly cannot tell you all the details at this point. I was there to eat, socialize and have a good time that night; not document it all, sorry :/

But, that said, in a nutshell here's a list of what the dinner was:

Main Dishes:
-Salad of red and green cabbage with cilantro and a simple lemon/salt dressing
-Basmati rice
-Sauteed green beans with coconut
-Egg omlette/frittata, Indian style with the garlic/ginger "chutney" mentioned below
-Beef in a thick "gravy curry" (?) with coconut, onions, thyme, ginger, and a spicy kick
-Vegan curry yellow/orange in color with carrots, lentils, potatoes

Baked coconut shreds.
Quite possibly the perfect snack.
-Freshly made wheat tortillas - for soaking up the curry juice and rich sauces so nothing goes un-eaten (and, yes, folks, I had one; and, no, they were not gluten free. It's in these situations where I will eat nearly anything being served for the authentic experience)
-Baked coconut shreds - nothing added, and even better than my beloved dehydrated shreds! I think he said he just baked it for ~3hr at 350. Easy.
-Chutney dip/spread of ginger, garlic, onion, herbs, spices (I could eat this all day on everything!)
-Greek yogurt
-Wine... duh! I went to a wine shop prior and made sure to ask for a wine that pairs well with curry; the dude recommended this wine made by trappist nuns. It was an excellent pairing!
-Prior to dinner, he also mixed together some of the chutney and greek yogurt for a dipping sauce, and had potato chips out for dipping mmmm.


...I can only dream of preparing all that and still being such a laid-back cool host like Biju. 

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