Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Have I lost my mind?

I made some big decisions recently. Kona was one of them, and even though that was a no-brainer, it is still a big deal for me. Flight is booked. Tuesday to Monday.

These other two decisions are even more gnarly, I think...

I signed up for Ironman Canada 2011. I decided to go for it. Full Ironman baby. This wasn't part of "my plan" but what the hell. I'll be graduating in May (hopefully!) so I'll have all summer to just train and be a coach/personal trainer/writer. Sounds good to me! My two bosses/friends at SPI and OC Sports & Wellness also signed up, as well as some other OC folks, so I will have some legit training partners with whom I already spend a lot of time. Basically it just feels right. Part of that "rightness" is the desire to do something bold and actually acting on it... I often take the safe/conservative/planned-out route, but sometimes I need to just go for it. Ironman Canada is going for it. So is this next thing...

Next Saturday, I'm going to be part of an outrigger canoe team competing in a race from Newport Beach to Catalina -- that's 27 freakin miles across the ocean!!! Holy crap! Really not sure how my friends convinced me to do this, but, then again I didn't put up much of a fight at all. I said yes immediately. Why not?

I am by no means in top shape for an endurance event of this magnitude, but it's a nine-man team in which you work in shifts of about 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off (six people on, three off resting). It takes a total of 4-6 hours. That said, I think I have enough of a fitness base to get by. Thankfully, I've done some outrigger canoeing in Dana Point, so I know the basics of the sport. Plus I have lots of GU on hand that didn't get used for the races I was supposed to do this year, so fuel won't be an issue. If sh*t hits the fan and I bonk or start to die, thankfully I have friends on my team to save me. I'm excited for a new experience!

Wow. My to-do list just got huge. Love it.


  1. STOKED for you! You are gonna love the training.

    I am totally with you on the planning/conservative thing... sometimes, you just gotta pull the trigger. Good on ya Tawnee! I will have to join you OC folk for some rides.

  2. Way to take the leap! I am excited for your decision to do IM Canada! And I wish you the best of luck this weekend!

  3. I like this IMC business. Don't be surprised if there is a short brown haired lady with glasses a Zoot visor and a camera in front of her face screaming bloody murder when you go by ;-)

  4. Woohoo for signing up for Ironman Canada! How exciting!
    Good luck with the canoe race! I think my arms would probably be dead after the first hour!

  5. Just shout if you need a few tips! Dont set any goals, just get out there and finish your first one. A lot can go wrong if you pressure yourself to early with time goals, have something in mind but dont make that everything. Its all about enjoying that day and waiting for those amazing words "Tawnee......YOU ARE AN IRONMAN". The tears are part of the deal!!!!!

  6. You will LOVE IMC, it's a perfect first IM!! Sometimes it's wayyyyy more fun being a bit bold and spontaneous. Enjoy it!!

  7. sweet, I think you will LOVE IMC, I did it as my first this year and will be racing with you next year as well! Let me know if you have any questions about the race or travel, depending on where you want to stay I Would book asap. I like to stay a few miles from the start, its nice to have some space from the race, more vacation like :)

  8. Love the drive to be bold and just go for it. Good luck! (although I doubt you'll need it)