Sunday, September 5, 2010

That Glazed-Over Look

When I'm tired from training, you can see it in my eyes. It looks like I'm stoned. Well, right now I look like a total stoner! Not to mention, my appetite is big from back-to-back days of working out, so I'm also like that stoner with mega munchies. I come home and it's like, "Gimme foooood!" Or "I'm going to bake something!"

More stellar recipe(s) coming soon.... but here's a teaser; a little feast I whipped up for the parents' birthdays... turkey sliders on homemade grain-free buns* (love the mini size cuz that = you get to eat lots of 'em), my own take on gazpacho, veggies and all the fixins'
*found paleo grain-free bun recipe on this blog.

Moving on. As far as "training" goes, I'm in no way following a plan yet, just getting back into the groove and doing what I can when I can, without doing too much too soon. The main focus is still "Operation Glutes," which is pretty successful thus far, but now I can slowly incorporate more swim-bike-run volume. I feel like a newbie getting to do all the SBR stuff for the first time. I can't even remember the last time I was this excited to really workout and sweat big time.

Speaking of sweat, Saturday was an awesomely HOT bike from Cal State Fullerton back to my house. I had an 8 a.m. meeting with my advisor (yes, that early on a Saturday -- I'm a good grad student haha), so I decided to ride the 30 miles home, (plus an additional 5 to make it just about 2 hours... do the math, you can see how slow I am. Granted, I was saving it for our Sunday ride w/ fast company). But Saturday, maybe the hottest day of the year. I was covered in a sheet of salt when I got home. Love love love it!

I wish I could regularly commute by bike to CSUF, but it's not feasible considering I'm in night classes. OK going up there, too scary coming home. I can, however, easily commute to my gym, SPI, as long as I avoid the "death route" aka riding through a giant retirement community called Leisure World where there is no bike lane and lots of crazy drivers who can barely see over the wheel. Put it this way, it's known as "Seizure World." No thanks.

Anyways, enough about me. I want to brag a little about a client I've been working with for several months now. Man I love this job....

So my client has a lot of races coming up, and Sunday kicked things off with a half-marathon. Well, he started off this racing streak strong with a 6-minute half-mary PR! His old PR was on the same course from 2009, and he simply shattered it. Plus I think Sunday's race was 15-20+ minutes faster than a half-mary he ran just months before I started coaching him. He's turning into an animal! I love seeing hard work pay off and I love pictures of killer Garmin stats sent to my cell phone. I honestly think I was more excited than he was... but maybe not, apparently he beat all his co-workers and now has bragging rights for a year :)

Lastly, I want to share this picture of Sydney just because she's so cute and so lucky that she lives with exercise fiends. Our house is like Grand Central Station when it comes to workouts, especially on the weekends, and Syd always reaps the benefits. I'll soon get video of her "singing" when she knows it's time to go running or whatever... priceless. This is her at Trestles Beach a couple weeks ago...
Ok, the tummy is grumblin for more. This "stoner" is gonna go feast on dessert. On the menu: baked apples in a sweet cocoa-powder-cinnamon glaze topped with almond butter :)


  1. I really want that food. looks awesome!

  2. Oh yummy, looks to good I took a bite out of my screen.

    Sydney is adorable.

  3. Congrats to your client!

    The food looks great!