Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Must-See TV by Me: Endurance Sport Extremes

Before I get to my gory video (trust me, you don't want to miss out on seeing it so stay with me)... a little update on my training/recovery status.

Last week the effects of outrigger were still lingering, but I got in some solid rest and good workouts. By Saturday, it was time to test my injury-free status. We met for a "long" ride just before 7 a.m. at Santiago Canyon, and holy crap it was freezing. The seasons are definitely changing, and that just sucks. It was high 40s/low 50s for probably the first 45-60 min before the sunshine/warmth started dominating.

All in all, I rode 40 miles of pretty much all hilly terrain. It was hard and I struggle compared to the old me, but I enjoyed every minute. I'm actually excited about the hard work I have ahead. I even voluntarily chose to do some hill repeats just because I clearly need to work on that.

After the ride was the real test, the t-run. We had a transition area set up along the bike path by my house (same spot as OC Tri T2), and my plan was to run/walk the 3.5 miles home. Well, I ended up going 4 miles with mostly running. It felt amazing! Yay!

I'll be honest, I was sore the next day, and I felt it in my knee, but nothing that scared me in terms of sharp/shooting pains. I ran again yesterday, and it seems to be good.


Drum roll....

For the HIGHLIGHT of this blog...

Remember that gory/gross photo project I was talking about? Well my creative juices got flowing, and thanks to all your contributions and my Mac iBook Pro, I think I created a masterpiece using a program that was new to me, iMovie.

I must say, I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I will present this to my class on Monday, so consider this a sneak-preview special-invite showing :)

CLICK HERE to check it out :)

(Warning, it's graphic!)

Please let me know what you think!


  1. hard to watch...but very well done.

  2. HOLY ISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was definitely wincing... A LOT.

    I've been very fortunate, despite my injuries/woes over the last few months.

    holy crap, again.

  3. LEGIT!! I would like to post that to my facebook!!

  4. Damn we are a crazy bunch! That was really hard to watch!

  5. I am glad I already had dinner... Yikes...

    Great job! Let us know how the presentation was!

  6. Very graphic. Kinda hard to watch some of it. Good job editing / putting it together.

    Also, a minor note: "tattoos" is misspelled at 6:14 into the video.

  7. Love it! Glad my jelly fish makeout session made the cut :)

    Glad you are feeling better!

  8. OK that made my stomach feel funny, but not "ha, ha" funny. Good work, love the music.

    Over three months later and I still have my "612" tattoos. I think they may be permanent.

  9. Great video, liked how you set the mood with the music. Now, I'm feeling like I haven't given enough to the sport. Oh wait, I did crash and get a concussion, just didn't remember it right away..duh.

  10. Great job with the video! Some of those were really hard to see!

  11. Nicely done Tawnee! That was hard to watch.

  12. All I can say is that I think I got off kind of lucky, compared to what happened to other people. I'm the one that loves my dentist. It could have been much, much worse.

    Great job on the video!

  13. Awesome job on the video!! Finally got caught up ;-) Hope you got an A+.