Friday, September 24, 2010

Minor (New) Injury?

Yesterday was my first time swimming in about 2.5 weeks. I "tapered" a few days before the Outrigger adventure, and then after that a new issue kept me from swimming. I guess you can call it an "acute overuse" injury aka seven hours of paddling in 48 hours, something my body isn't used to doing.

The issue is in my forearm. Basically the tendons of my extensor muscles are pissed off and aren't sliding against each other smoothly. Every time I lift/move my wrist there's this gnarly grinding sound/vibration. No joke, it's crazy! It sounds/feels like I need WD-40 in there! I've become quite a freak show to my friends. At least the swelling died down.

Before the onset of the grinding sensation it was just pure pain and very swollen, and at first I was afraid of something worse, i.e. stress fracture in my ulna or radius, but that's definitely not the case. I've had it checked out, and bottom line according to the pros: "Tawnee, you did a crazy thing and you're lucky that's the only issue you walked away with. It could be a lot worse." Hahahaha. I'd do it again :)

It's been annoying though! At first I couldn't lift the coffee pot nor could I write normally (3 hr classes and note-taking? yuck!). And, like I said, I couldn't swim. As of yesterday, it hurt during the swim but not too terribly, so from here on I'll just go in moderation and let pain be my guide. Funny thing, I can do pushups and some upper-body exercises sans pain.

But again, the outriggering was worth it... Did I mention we started a "mooning" tradition?
That's us mooning the first-place men's team during our Sunday funday paddle home. I'm the middle one inblack. I like how mostly girls were on the shift that got to do the mooning. Btw, that took some legit balancing skills haha...

In other news, I'm working on some new recipes to post. I've had some amazingly good cooking/baking sessions lately. Like pumpkin muffins, turkey chili and grain-free zucchini bread to name a few...

Also, if you haven't seen my video, check it out. (Warning: Do not view while eating or after eating a big meal, it's graphic haha).

Lastly, I might be a little MIA for a while... lots to do before my departure to Kona on Oct. 5!


  1. Oh yes you are going away so I won't meet you at OC! Darn it. Sounds like, as you said, overuse of the extensors and now you've got some tendinitis. Do some cross friction massage at the lateral epicondyle and ice it- you will be fine if you respect it:)
    thanks for all your Bous help!

  2. So, what's this about lifting coffee pots? I thought we kicked this habbit????? :)

    Hope you have a great time in Kona.

  3. Minor injury? That doesn't sound minor to me.

    Safe travels!!

  4. You are gnarly, and you sound gnarly!

    Good luck in Kona prep!