Thursday, February 3, 2011

Smoothie Part II

had a busy Thursday morning on tap complete with lots of training so of course I had to make my Oatmeal Smoothie again--with pics! See James, It did happen...twice now ;) The only difference this time--I used pureed pumpkin instead of kobacha squash because I devoured the rest of my kobacha :)


Throw it all in the Vitamix:

I also input the ingredients on a "recipe nutrition" website and crunched some numbers myself, and a rough estimate of this smoothie breaks down as:

575 calories...

80 g carbs

35 g protein

20 g fat

It's got quite a bit of fiber (the chia especially, as well as oats, fruit, squash), maybe around 20 g? Beware if your tummy is sensitive to that, especially when working out. I can handle this fine apparently, even when doing high-intensity work like Tabata running intervals! (Still, I probably wouldn't have this pre-race). The fat content is pretty spectacular, too, thanks to the chia seeds, which are packed with ~5g Omega-3 fatty acids, better than flax seed! Protein-wise, with the whey and chia you're getting a complete protein with all essential amino acids, including BCAAs, glutamine, etc. The carb profile pretty much has it all covered too. The chia also helps to slow digestion and makes sure carbs don't become instant sugar.

The smoothie is mega: All those ingredients fit into the glass pictured above, a large coffee mug (portable and stays cold!) and this big ol' cup:

Btw, when I have time for a leisurely brekkie at home, here's what my normal bowl of "pumpkin oatmeal" looks like:
Serve that up with a hearty side of scrambled eggs with green onions or some veggie, a cup of coffee with coconut creamer/stevia.... and usually a couple spoonfuls of almond butter too :) Heaven!


  1. dang, I like all those ingredients! I am still praying for a vitamix! If anyone wants to sell me theirs, let me know!

  2. Love it! I actually made a similar one after your last post. I heart your vitamix....

  3. Smoothie sounds good and nutrient packed, but I want that bowl of pumpkin oats! Coffee sounds good too. :)

    P.S. Love tabata intervals!

  4. Hey Tawnee! I just recently discovered your blog. What a great read! I love the recipes, they look so delicious.

  5. Yumm...I LOVE smoothies and have been on that bandwagon for awhile. It's so easy to get in so many fruits and veggies!

    Vitamix - the blender of my dreams :)