Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Mini Vacation? Is it True?

I'm sneakin away! Going to Vegassss with the girls, Tatiana and Sara! Yes, we know how to have fun together... here's us last December-ish:
It will be an interesting trip because as you probably know the three of us are all into some heavy training right now and aren't known to be late-night party animals (that's only for the Kona After Party, right? lol). So we're just going to see what happens. A little training, R&R, partying, gourmet food, and the highlight: seeing The Black Keys live in concert :)

Fun times ahead... I will try to document with pics as best I can!

That said, I'm not going to lie, I feel super super guilty sneaking away on vacation with the pile of work--school, regular work and training "work"--I have! Deadlines galore, studying, etc, etc, etc. Oh well. The Vegas trip is short, Friday to Sunday, and we all need it. But after, I can pretty much expect my life to be straight up ridiculous until May when/if I graduate.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You guys look hot.... make me want to get into triathlon! 7 Stone to loose until next year, boom countdown is on!!!!!

  2. SO FUN! have a blast. and NEVER feel guilty about taking a vacation. NEVER!

  3. Come on girl, there's no "if!" That's like saying "If I have a good time in Las Vegas!" LOL You'll do it.