Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loco Logic

Question: If I wear compression while drinking a glass of wine, will I break even in terms of recovery from training?

In other words... Compression/enhance recovery + alcohol/delay recovery = 0, neutral, null, no effect.

That's some genius logic right there! New plan, starting now :)

After the half-mary, my legs and body recovered surprisingly fast and well. I allowed my Sunday long ride to be more mellow, but as of Monday it was back to business. This week and next are two pretty big weeks, then *gasp* a little recovery/taper for the Desert Triathlon. Holy moly, that's coming fast! Exciting!

Today's workout was a doozy. Again on the topic of (crazy) logic, today I threw out any exercise science logic in terms of combining strength training and endurance exercise and which should you do first, why, what's better, separate them, blah blah. Sometimes you just have to roll with it.

I set up my trainer at my gym so that I'd have entertainment. The guys at the gym make me laugh nonstop, so this was a wise idea; time never flew by so fast! I knew what I wanted to do on the trainer, but my overall workout became super random.... from bike to battleropes... (read on for full description)....

-45 min trainer with high cadence/speed intervals

-1 mile run

-20 min strength: few dynamic moves, then 4 rounds: 1 min battlerope, 10 overhead squats with full-body band, 20 renegade rows (10 ea side), 10 wall balls, 15 sprawl balls.

-45 min trainer with 3 x 8 min big gear/power intervals with rpms in 60s on 2 min recovery

-1 mile run

Done & stretch....

Ugh. Compression is ON because it's just going to get harder from. As for the wine.... :)


  1. Now. That is the best news I've heard all day! Yeah wine!

  2. Have you seen any literature to support compression? Just curious...

  3. let me know how the wine/compression works out... cause i'm drinking WAYYY too much vino these days :)

    that sounds like a killer workout! good job tawnie!

  4. yup, *TAWNEEEEEEEE* - it's early. my spelling ability isnt functioning yet :)

  5. yes wine.... i like..... sounds like my logic. glad your legs are feeling better. mine have been a lil toasted all week. finally today i feel back to normal ( if there is such a thing)