Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spoke Too Soon

Yesterday I made a point to say how well my training is going. It truly is, but now I have a cold! Hopefully it's a freak thing I picked somewhere (door knob, dirty ocean water), but I think my body is telling me a little more recovery is needed. I can't even recall the last time I was sick. I felt it lingering within me yesterday and tried to deny it. But after waking up through the night to blow my nose because I couldn't breathe, having zero desire to jump in the pool at 6 a.m. this morning and hearing my new manly voice from a sore throat leaves no question. So I guess I'll just pump in every healthy thing I can get in body, rest and chill. The guys at work told me to stay away, they don't want to be around a sickie. So I'll make use of my time with some NSCA studying.


  1. That stinks, but I know how you feel. My body is trying to tell me that I need more sleep / recovery. Maybe this will article from the
    NewYorkTimes will help. Good luck beating that cold!

  2. OHHHH NO!!

    I wish you a speedy recovery - taking some more rest will actually be better for you in the long run!

  3. Oh bummer.
    If it's just a little cold, you'll be fine soon. Enjoy the rest and good studying.
    Chilling is good.

  4. Hey Tawnee-- Thought I'd check in because it's been a whole month since the surgery and our chat! I keep thinking about you...when I hit the one month mark, I was like, "I need to go on a hike to try this leg out!" Anyway, am recovering by leaps and bounds, although a test run down the hallway at home proved that it's going to take a while longer to get the leg working THAT well. I can walk totally fine now, can almost bend it as much as it can handle, and swimming is pain free! (Finally!)

    This weekend I'm testing out the bike, and then next weekend, I'm going to attempt my tri group's Olympic/1/2 Iron rehearsal up in Boulder. I figure I can knock out the 1.2 mile swim, and then see how much of the bike I can do without turning around.... I'd love to try to run, but I may walk just to get used to distance again.

    Anyway, thought I'd keep in touch. I really appreciated your encouragement and watching you succeed post-op has really been motivating to stay on top of the recovery. Get well soon so you can kick *ss and take names at Vineman!!

  5. Rest and get healthy! Vineman is less than a month away and you need to kick some butt in Sonoma!!

    All the best,