Thursday, March 24, 2011

5 Observations as of Late

Observation #1
Going No. 1 & No. 2 when you eat beets is "different." This is something I forgot to mention in my last post (thx for the reminder GoBigGreen.) I'm already familiar with this phenomenon, if it can be considered that haha, so no surprises to me, but just fyi if you don't know: Basically the deep-red color of beets has a lasting effect, down to your bowls and urination. Yes, my friends, No. 1 & No. 2 take on a reddish hue. So if you take on the beet-eating lifestyle, then expect to see some new colors coming out of you. Don't be afraid and freak out, nothing is wrong. Sorry, not going to picture document this one ;)

Observation #2
I watched the movie "How Do You Know" recently... just another mindless and fairly stupid chick flick. The movie pretty much sucked, but there was one aspect that got me thinking. Reese Witherspoon plays a softball player who gets cut from the U.S. National Team. Her character is clearly passionate about the game, but that sub-story isn't even developed that much.

Here's my observation... Seeing Reese as an athlete got me thinking: We NEVER see fictional female characters in regular ol' movies who are athletes, let alone as athletes who play at a high level of sport. Most movies that have female athletes are based on some sort of true story, or it's a biographical or documentary-style film that glorifies their legacy (Million Dollar Baby). You never see movies where the "sexy leading lady" kicks ass at a sport... instead, women are usually shopping-obsessed, man-crazy girly girls (Sex and the City). Yes, there are movies that do have women who kick ass, like Uma Thurman in the Kill Bills or that chick in Terminator 2, but that's not what I mean. I'm talking a regular movie where the woman plays a sport and plays it well and it's not under the category of "sports films" or some unrelaistic fantasy/sci-fi/hardcore stuff.

I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong or I'm missing something -- I do suck at watching movies and I suck even more at finding good movies to watch. Not a high priority in my life, to say the least. I've had people gasp at some movies I've never seen... like some of Star Wars series or Harry Potter or "insert classic flick here."

But despite the fact that I'm not a movie-obsessed person, I know movies and Hollywood impact people all over the world a lot, so that's why I even bring it up in the first place. I'm not a feminist in any way, it's just an observation.

What do you guys think?

Observation #3
One more thing on the movie with Reese: Her softball teammates in the movie looked NOTHING like real softball players. The girls cast looked like supermodels, NOT cut athletic women. Such BS. And we wonder why women have self-esteem/body-image issues.

Observation #4
Taper sucks and is awkward. Yea I'm feeling refreshed and more rested, but also sluggish and BLAH. After two days off, the last two days I can say with confidence that I've felt weird and to the point that I didn't even want to start my training, which is very odd for me. But I got going with it anyways (duh), and once into it I felt like a friggin rockstar. What a little rest can do! I felt sooo good that I could have kept going for way longer than what was on the schedule, but I was smart and cut myself off. There's no fitness to gain in two weeks before a big race, but you can dig yourself into a bad rut of fatigue and have a shitty race as a result. No thanks.

Bottom line: Taper is such a mental game, which is why I think people struggle with it so much. It's hard to rest, and it's even harder to cut yourself off from overdoing it when the workout sesh feels oh so good!

Observation #5
This is kind of silly, but had to mention. At the pool today I saw the epitome of "OC Housewife-ness." A license plate on a big ol' SUV that read "platmum." Not only that, but it was in some cheesy diamond-encrusted plate frame. Ugh! I hate the materialism I see sometimes. At least she apparently had her kid in swim lessons. And, btw, I would have taken a pic but she was by her car so I couldn't be rude ;)


  1. haha on the beets.. have you ever had a B12 shot? You get pink urine with that too. I am with you on needing badass athletic chick movies. And I feel like I am living with Million Dollar Baby (i.e. my roommate). She could squash me with her fist in 1 sec.

  2. Excellent observations - I agree with every one of them. And thanks for the FYI on the beets. I was going to start adding them to my smoothies tomorrow! :)

  3. Observation #6: You know you have met a triathlete because talking about #'s 1 & 2 are like talking about what you did last night.

    I am a sucker for a beet and goat cheese salad with toasted walnuts. HEAVEN!

  4. You've NEVER seen Star Wars?! I might have to stop following your blog for that one!

  5. You are so right about the way women are depicted in movies. Even when they are supposed to be kicking ass they are really skinny chicks and you can't even believe they could actually kics someones butt without breaking something of their own. Look at the pics of the new Wonder Women. She is too pretty and not athletic looking at all to be an Amazon Warrior!

  6. Hi Tawnee,

    I've personally eaten all of one bite of one beet in my entire life. However, I do some people that when they started introducing beets into their diet, their stool turned red.

    I wonder if that affects that stool scale (eg. less nut like) that you tweeted the other day.



  7. I'm retarded. I thought I was commenting on your prior post, since I hadn't read this one first. Apparently, I need more coffee!

    License plate fail. I would have been rip-roaring at that crap too. Very cool to hear your perspective on that nonsense!

  8. beets. yum'o.
    A chick movie I liked for the buff-ness of the ladies... Blue Crush, 2002.
    The surfing was pretty good too.

  9. Ha ha ha Bree Wee learned that beet lesson all too well. You should have been rude and taken the picture, I want to see.

  10. I love #5!! I recently saw the A-typical family minivan pull up to drop kids off at a Saturday sports event and noticed that it had been pimped out with shiny rims and thin tires like all the "cool kid's" cars. I couldn't help but laugh!

  11. Observation #5 is my favorite, haha.