Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stupid foot

So I got a gnarly blister from the Desert Tri in the arch of my R foot. It's my own dang fault for choosing that time to NOT wear socks for the first time ever with my shoes. Oh well. Here is the beauty after the race:

Normally a blister doesn't bug me, and life goes on. But this one was pretty nasty and me being the stubborn person I am decided to keep on schedule with my running the following week after the race... it was a 20-something mile week. I started noticing an issue on Wed or Thur. My ankle was sore and so was the lateral side of my R foot. Basically, I must have been subconsciously changing how I was striking in order to protect the tender area and not strike there. As a result I jacked up my foot and ankle by landing way on the outside of my foot. Ugh. The weird thing, though, it didn't hurt during our Saturday 8-miler off the bike. Maybe I was too high on endorphins... like I said, I was pretty loopy and bonky during that run. I was fine for the rest of that day, and even that night when we went out that night in Laguna Beach. But then, oddly, the pain showed up on Sunday's easy/short run BIG TIME--so bad that I quit early and was limping around the rest of the day.

I got it checked yesterday and there's no major damage, but I'm still going to take caution and not run for a few days. The blister just needs more time to heal I guess... normally my cuts and stuff heal fast, but not this time because I chose not to give it time to heal in the first place, oops. (This is where I need to start practicing better patience in my life, and where I often fail to do so. Part of it is because I can tolerate a lot of pain.... and sometimes I'll endure pain until it's too late. But I'm learning to be smarter.)

So today I had a killer fun workout planned, which was also very "green" aka no cars and no gas-guzzling motors required. Ride 10 miles to my gym (the long way), do a 30-minute strength-training workout (see below) and then ride the even longer way home, 32 miles, which included a nice jaunt up PCH past this gem of an area:

Thennnn, I was going to do a t-run of a few miles. But I decided to play it smart and quit after the bike because the foot was even bothering me during the strength workout (thankfully, not on the bike). Looking ahead, I have a pretty darn long run planned on Saturday and I want to do it in style! Plus, there's no way I'm about to really jack myself up for Oceanside in a less than 3 wks!


Strength workout*:
10 rounds (for time)
5 pullups (Rx- jump pullups or band pullups)
5 burpees
10 thrusters (like a push press but with a lot deeper of a squat to really work that booty & the hammys; use Olympic bar or DBs)
10 inverted ring rows

My time: 17:40ish

*Let's just say that workout is going to make my swims the next two days HURT! I had to do the Rx on the pullups too.

PS - Also, please have patience with me with the blogs I keep hinting at doing... they're coming.... so much to do, so little time! :)


  1. Goop it up with some ointment and you will be good to go in a few days. Now is the time to start slow with the no socks. I call it getting you “summer feet”.

  2. As an extension of Tri-James' thought (James, you seem to beat me to the punch everywhere), I'd say ointment, a non-stick pad, some duct tape and you're good to go. As annoying as blisters are when they develop, I've never had a covered blister affect my run. I haven't had one since I switched socks, but I've always wanted to test the superglue idea; I figure that'd be a great quick cure on long runs.

    Either way, hope it heals quick!

  3. Whew, reading the start of the post, thought you were going to say the blister got infect, now that can get nasty.

  4. Tried your work out. Nice. 16:43; Here's one for you. 21 Burpees instead of jumping up jump on to a box platform - higher the better; 15 pull ups or jump pull ups; 9 man makers (pick dumbells you can comfortably use). Two sets of each for time. I did approximately 32 minutes.

  5. ouch... hope it heels fast... that is one of the worst places to get one :(

  6. Nu Skin will help once its less "gooey" but it stings like the devil to put it on. Hope it heals fast!