Sunday, March 13, 2011

Podcasting Gig... Team RWB... Epic5

So in late January, my friend Ben Greenfield came to me with a job offer: Be the new host of the Endurance Planet podcast. The old host, Kevin, was stepping down for various reasons, and Ben thought it'd be cool to get a girl who's "in the know" at the mic. Well, you know me... more work that's endurance sports related? Sign me up!

The problem: I have NO broadcast/radio/podcast experience, and although I've been interviewing people for years for journalism and my articles, this was a whole new world to me. I thought, "How hard could it be?" Ugh. Talk about a rude awakening. Frankly, I've been struggling to find my groove... and it probably shows in the podcasts! It's not easy to develop a "radio personality" in a matter of days, especially when the previous host was a bad-ass veteran of the biz and did it so well (aka Kevin Patrick). I still think people hate me as the new host (yes I've had some hater comments), but whatever. It is what it is, and as someone in the public eye, you have to expect to get hated on every now and then. I can see past that. I refuse to give up... it's become one of those tasks in my life where I could easily quit because it's "hard," but I don't crumble under that sort of pressure, I rise to the challenge. Trust me, there were a few moments where I was ready to say "I'm done!" But I didn't. I'm the same way with racing... my mind will say "stop, this hurts too badly," but hell no, I ain't stopping!

Anyways, I'm getting more comfortable with the podcast gig, thus I'm starting to enjoy it more and more every day. Not to mention, I get to talk with some AMAZING people all the time and the info we're putting out is SO great. Our usual shows include "Sports Nutrition" with Ben Greenfield, "Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Mark Klion, a sports medicine specialist and triathlete, and "This Week in Multisport" with LAVA Magazine's Brad Culp. It's great to chat with these guys regularly, and I am learning so much as a result about all the topics at hand! Bonus! Plus with the nutrition and sports med shows, the listeners submit questions for the experts to answer, thus we have a lot of involvement with the audience, which is rad.

Team RWB
We are also doing special interviews in which we highlight people doing incredible things in endurance sports. The first of these interviews for me was with Army Major Mike Erwin, who started Team Red White and Blue (Team RWB), a group of endurance athletes who raise money for wounded veterans. You can find out more about Team RWB here. Once I starting talking with Mike, who is just an amazingly wonderful guy by the way, I was immediately drawn to the organization, so I decided to join myself and do some fundraising. Why not use triathlon as a platform to help others? Why didn't I start this earlier?! Hence, you might notice a little fund-raising widget at the top right corner of my blog... please don't hesitate to donate :) If you want to hear my interview with Mike on Team RWB and his life, click here.

Epic5 Challenge
I also recently interviewed Christian Isakson, who was hand-picked by Jason Lester to do this year's Epic5 Challenge, five Iron-distance triathlons in five days on five Hawaiian islands taking place May 5-9. The event obviously requires a special person, and Chrsitian is just that. He's a prime example of a hard-working American who has a kind heart, morals and dedication--we should all strive to be more like Christian, because, heck, he's fun too! We had a great time chatting before, during and after the interview (as was the case with Mike Erwin lol). Click here to listen to my interview with Christian.

Anyways, so point is: Yes, I am struggling with this job, but at the same time I'm helping to expose some great things to the listeners and am helping to get the word out on some good people and good organizations. That is pretty darn cool.

PS - Answers to compression questions coming soon and blog contest with giveaways coming soon too!


  1. Pushing one's limits is a great thing. I am doing that myself right now. I am sure we will both rise to the occasion despite the haters!

  2. I can't wait to listen to some of the podcast. I just loaded up my MP3 player.

  3. I listened to the interview with Christian Isakson. He sounds like such a great all around guy!

    I don't blame you for feeling a bit out of your element with the podcast, but give it some time and you'll be that iconic persona that will one day step down yourself giving way to the next "oh my God, what am I doing?!" newbie. Circle of Life! Might as well enjoy it.

  4. I've been listening to Endurance Planet for years. I think you are doing great! Your passion for endurance sports is evident, and that's what the podcast listeners want. I am grateful that the podcast continues :)

  5. ive never listened to a podcast - i should though now!

    btw - i just read your shorts review in Triathlete magazine. bravo! i dogeared the page and will be trying some of them out!

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  7. I think you're being too hard on yourself, T - the interview with Christian was great. Sounds like a fun gig, and a great way to meet some interesting people.

  8. Just think, we can all say we knew you when... Ha! It'll be fun hearing you grow on those podcasts. Still blown away by how far you've come in the past couple of years.